Brisbane: Do You Want A Fast, Painless And Affordable Way To A Beautiful Hair-Free Body?

Located in Myer Centre, Brisbane, Hollywood Skin is a safe, effective and affordable way to achieve the beautiful skin you have always wanted.

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Say Good-bye To Painful Waxing, And Hello To A More Permanent, Cost Effective Hair Removal Solution

Forget painful waxing, expensive creams or strange home remedies you find on the internet. Medical research has shown that modern day laser treatments are highly effective at removing hair quickly and safely. And thanks to advances in technology, our treatments are now fast, painless and very affordable. In fact, the cost of laser hair removal at Australian Skin Clinics is comparable to waxing, but has the added benefit of lasting much longer and potentially stopping most hair growth permanently!

We Are Queensland’s Very First Medi-Spa

We’re not your usual spa. Our medical grade laser equipment allows us to successfully treat a wide range of hair types and our highly-trained staff have over 20 years of industry experience. Our clinics have been featured in Style Magazine and won numerous awards. So you can be sure we know how to get the very best results for your hair-free skin.

But it’s not just our incredibly effective treatments that make us so popular. It’s the fact that we really care about you and your skin. We’re not happy until your skin is looking radiant, glowing and hair-free. And we understand that our clinic is just one part of the step to beautiful hair-free bodies. That’s why we’ll take the time to educate you on how to look after your progress at home and continue to monitor your progress during and after treatments to ensure you get the results you’re after.
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Laser Hair Removal Brisbane

Living in Australia we are pretty blessed with high temperatures and lots of sunshine for the majority of the year. It’s beautiful but with that comes the need to wear dresses/shorts and bare more skin than some people like to.

Waxing and shaving to ensure your skin stays smooth and hair free becomes a way of life but we all know how frustrating they are. Aside from all the effort is the recurring cost of having regular waxing treatments done every month.

At Hollywood Skin in Brisbane we are here to give you a long-term solution to getting rid of your unwanted hair. Our service for laser hair removal in Brisbane is extremely popular as it gives clients a cheaper, more effective and a better long-term solution over waxing and shaving.

Our experience in administering this treatment is vast, which enables us to offer the best laser hair removal services in Brisbane to all of our clients. We know how to make you feel at ease and our treatments will take place in the most relaxing surroundings so you don’t have to be stressed or worried about getting laser done.

Our clients can look forward to getting the best quality care when they visit our clinic and our laser hair removal prices in Brisbane are some of the most competitive in the city.

What will our laser hair treatment in Brisbane do for you?

  • At first we will offer you a free consultation to determine your preferences for your laser hair treatment.
  • We will discuss the areas you would like/need to treat and the duration of time you will be required to receive the treatment for. Our laser hair removal technology will provide fast, effective and pain free results for you.
  • You will see a reduction in your hair growth on the treated area each time you come into us for a session. You never have to worry as our hair laser removal treatment in Brisbane is carried out by fully qualified and professional laser skin operators.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal at Hollywood Skin?

Our laser hair treatment is a method of permanent hair reduction on areas where you would like to be hair free. Our treatment is so successful that you will be blessed with smoother skin in no time.

Those of you who experience ingrown hairs on a regular basis from shaving will see an immediate reduction in stubble and those irritating ingrown hairs. Our laser treatment for hair removal in Brisbane is a hugely popular method of hair reduction for both men and women.

How long will the laser hair treatment results last?

Each of our clients is different and so too is their rate of hair growth. The number of times you will be required to come for a session at Hollywood skin will depend on the size of the area we are treating for you. For example, an underarm area will require a lot less visits than a full leg treatment.

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Get in touch with us today to book your consultation and to get more information on laser hair removal costs in Brisbane. We off great competitive laser hair removal prices in Brisbane to all of our returning and new clients.

Hollywood Skin is Queensland’s leader in hair treatments. We specialise in Brazilian Laser Hair Removal, Facial Hair Removal and IPL Hair Removal. Get a free quote online and book your treatment today!

Get Smooth, Hair-Free Skin Quickly and Affordably When You Book a Laser Hair Removal Treatment at the Best Skin Clinic in Brisbane

Our award winning skin care clinic can give you a smooth, hair-free body affordably and quickly. Our laser treatments are pain free, long lasting, affordable and the best possible treatment for hair removal in Brisbane.

Pain-free laser hair removal for all skin types

No more raiser burn, no more ingrown hairs and no more painful wax sessions!  Get body hair removal and enjoy gorgeous, smooth and silky skin that will last much longer than any other hair removal technique.

Modern laser hair removal is much more effective in removing hair, the removal procedure is incredibly fast, hair that does grow back is much softer and thinner and it is possible that your hair will be removed permanently.

We can help with hair removal for all skin types on any part of your body and guarantee great looking and smooth results.

The best Medi-Spa in Brisbane!

With more than 20 years of skincare experience, you can guarantee that our medi-spa will give you the best treatment by far.

Our clinic has won numerous awards, we have been featured in Style Magazine and our clinic is the trusted resource for many super models, TV stars and celebrity figures. Our modern clinic is clean, welcoming and use only gold standard Candela Gentlase and GentleYag lasers that will give you the best hair removal result.

All of our staff are highly trained, experienced and hold licenses with the Brisbane radiation health. We also have skilled nurses on site to provide our clients with professional pre and post care to ensure that our clients are ultimately safe when they undergo laser treatments.

Our laser hair removal treatments are surprisingly affordable. In fact, our laser hair removal treatments greatly compare to wax hair removal treatments.

Our skin doctors can do much more than just laser hair removal

Hollywood Skin is an expert skin care company and we can do much more than just hair removal. Our laser treatments can also be used to treat acne problems, pigmentation problems, veins and spider veins and we can reduce the appearance of scars.

Get a free consultation now

We offer a free 15-minute consultation with an expert laser specialist who will examine your skin type, condition and evaluate the type and number of treatments you will need for beautiful hair free skin.  Everything from our procedures to our costs will be explained to you in detail.

Buy one treatment – Get one treatment free!

Save 50% on your hair removal treatment with our Buy One Get One Free Offer.  When you book a laser treatment for any part of your body our laser technician will also treat another part of your body for free.

We only have a limited number of Buy One Get One Free offers each month so be quick to snatch up one of these deals!

Hollywood Skin is Brisbane’s leader in laser hair removal. We specialise in Brazilian Laser Hair Removal, Facial Hair Removal and IPL Hair Removal. Get a free quote online and book your treatment today!
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Fully Trained, Licensed Technicians Ready To Give You Glowing Skin

You’ll find our clinics are modern, clean and welcoming and we only use gold standard Candela Gentlase and GentleYag lasers to ensure the very best results. All our staff are highly trained, skilled and hold licenses with Queensland radiation health. We even have registered nurses on-site to assist with pre and post treatment care to ensure the safest and most effective treatment possible.
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The Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Brisbane

At Hollywood Skin we are delighted to offer a world-class standard in unwanted body hair laser removal treatments to the people of Australia.

Laser hair removal treatments are becoming ever more sophisticated with the most cutting edge technology now available in our clinics. This technology, together with our highly trained staff mean that you simply could not come to a better place for all of your laser hair removal needs.

Our clinic staff are all trained in the use of gold standard Candela Gentlase and GentleYag lasers which have been proven to be the most effective available on the market today.

Our trained therapists are also assisted in their work by registered nurses who are available to assist with post treatment care whenever necessary.

How does laser hair removal work?

The hair removal laser works by emitting wavelengths that simultaneously scatter within the skin targeting the pigment. When the light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, it quickly turns to heat which goes on to kill the growing cells that the hair is comprised of.

Whilst shaving and waxing can cause hair to grow back thicker and stronger each time, hairs that are lasered are, instead, weakened through repeated exposure, eventually going on to die and ultimately disappear.

Typically, 10 to 12 treatments are required to stop the hair growth, but this can vary depending on the area that is being treated. Hormonal growth, lifestyle and medication can also have an impact on how many bookings you will need in order to become hair-free.

Is Laser Hair Removal Expensive?

We are happy to offer the very best value in laser hair removal. With prices starting at just $9 per session (depending on the area of the body being treated), a beautiful hair free body or face could soon be yours.

Our prices simply will not be beaten and this is something we stand over 100% with our money back guarantee.

But our money back guarantee isn’t the only thing that sets us apart from other clinics in terms of value. We also offer a Price Promise guarantee that means we’ll beat any competitor’s price by 10% so there really is no reason to delay beginning your journey towards a hair free future with us today.

Have a question about the Laser Hair Removal treatments we offer? Get in touch!

Laser Hair Removal treatment could be the solution you have been looking for in terms of ridding yourself of unwanted body hair. Don’t suffer in stubbly silence any longer. Reach out to us today!

Hollywood Skin is Brisbane’s leader in laser hair removal. We specialise in Full Body Laser Hair Removal, Armpiut & Underarm Hair Removal and Leg Hair Removal. Get a free quote online and book your treatment today!
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Our 100% Results Guarantee To You

We’re so confident you’ll love your results from Australian Skin Clinics that we’ll even guarantee the results. In other words, if the treatment doesn’t live up to what we promised, we’ll happily refund every cent of your money back. No questions asked.

But our 100% satisfaction guarantee isn’t the only thing that sets us apart from other laser clinics. We also have a Price Promise guarantee that means we’ll beat any competitor price by 10%.
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Why Choose Hollywood Skin for your Laser Hair Removal?

Being in the skincare business for almost 20 years, our highly trained laser specialists at Hollywood Skin are freeing people all over Brisbane from their unwanted bodily hair. Laser is also an effective treatment for skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation, and scar removal, which makes it an ideal solution for those that want to treat one of these skin conditions whilst removing hair from that area.

Laser treatment is very affordable considering the long-term benefits that can be achieved from the right number of sessions. If you want to wave good-bye to waxing, hair removal creams, and razors forever, you’ll be in trusted hands here at Hollywood Skin.

What’s makes us the best for laser hair removal in Brisbane

  • Our treatments are safe, effective and produce outstanding long-term results
  • Our team is client-focused and passionate about what they do
  • All of our equipment is state of the art
  • Our skin care specialists are highly experienced and hold licenses from Queensland Radiation Health
  • We’ve got nurses on-site who can assist with pre and post care
  • All of our prices are affordable and we run regular specials to ensure that are laser treatments are accessible to everyone
  • We offer a money back guarantee if, in the unlikely event, a patient isn’t happy with their results
  • Our clinic offers patients a relaxing environment where they know they’re getting the best hair removal treatment in Brisbane

Laser is a Medically Proven Treatment That’s Affordable 

With prices starting at just $9 per treatment, we make laser affordable to all. Considering the long-term, outstanding results that this treatment delivers, it is the most cost effective way of ridding your body of that unwanted hair that’s been bothering you for years.

Best of all, the results are permanent when the treatments are properly administered by a qualified specialist. As mentioned, all our staff are highly trained and qualified, which assures clients that they’re getting the best permanent hair removal service in Brisbane at Hollywood Skin.

Some of The Areas That We Treat;

  • Back
  • Chest
  • Bikini line
  • Legs
  • Face (upper lip and chin etc.)
  • Under arms
  • Shoulders
  • Neck
  • Arms

Book an appointment for the best hair removal treatment in Brisbane

We’d love to hear from you today so feel free to reach out to us and book your initial consultation to get started on your laser journey.

Our clinic is open Mondays to Fridays, 9AM-5PM so choose a time that’s convenient for you and tell us about what you’d like to achieve by getting laser treatment.
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Here’s what The Bachelor TV Star Jasmine Brown has to say about Australian Skin Clinics:

““This pretty much sums up how I feel when I’m getting my treatments done at @australianskinclinics…..RELAXED! Thank you to the girls … for the amazing service again this evening. I was always pretty nervous about getting laser done as I’d never even had a bikini or leg wax before. But now I’m in love with it and I’ve already noticed great results after just two treatments.”

“I've been using ASC products for 20 years and just finished first 6 laser hair treatments with great results so far and I love how it has given me time back with my kids from my hair waxing days and the service cannot be faulted. They also do price match and I checked they are best and excellent quality machines. Recommended!”

Melanie Ward

“I've been doing my sixth laser treatment so far and really happy with the result! See so much differences and improvements. I'm also using skinstitut glycolic scrub, not only for my body but my face as well, it is amazing! Hence, the staff are really friendly and very helpful!
Thank you ASC Myer Brisbane team X”

Nuri DP

“Love the services ASC provides! Always get great results, the aftercare products are amazing & the ladies at the clinic are lovely & talented! I wouldn't trust my face with anyone else! I take my Mother here & send all of my staff here, only the BEST for them!”

Jasmine Robson

“I love visiting Aust Skin in the Brisbane CBD, the staff are always welcoming and friendly. I highly recommend this clinic, I won't go anywhere else for my treatments. Affordable pricing with fantastic promotions and the staff are all knowledgeable, passionate and genuine.”

Marie Davidson

“Love these guys!!! All the girls are so helpful and friendly and follow up on their appointments. Always run on time allowing me to pop in and out on lunch breaks. Better still their laser hair removal is having results - no hair growth with 3-4 treatments - I'm one happy customer.”

Jodie Cooyman

“Amazing service, the girls are really educated and comfortable to be around. I was really nervous to start my laser hair removal, but Kristen told me all of the information and do's and dont's about it and I felt fine. I highly recommend coming here, incredible service. Thanks girls!”

Emily Wheeler

“I received a treatment for skin pigmentation at the Australian Skin Clinic in Brisbane at the Myer Centre and was thrilled with the service and treatment that I received, the staff are friendly and professional. A lovely lady named Renee went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and at ease hence why for any future treatments I will be more then happy to travel the 2hrs from Byron Bay back to this clinic. Anytime one of my friends talks about getting a skin treatment I always tell them to go here and would strongly recommend it to anyone thinking about getting a treatment done... Not to mention the more then affordable price whats not to love!!!!”

Wes Mitton

“I had a wonderful experience. The Laser treatment on my face worked a treat and the ladies were so friendly and knowledgable. Thanks guys!”

Tanya Hawes

Claim Your Buy One Get One Free Treatment + Free Consultation Offer Before They Run Out!

For a limited time, we’re offering a FREE 15-minute consultation with one of our highly trained laser specialists. We’ll examine your skin type and discuss exactly what you’d like done, and what we can do to help your skin be as healthy and as hair-free as possible. Then we’ll go through all the options and costs so you have all the information you need.

But that’s not all you get. Right now, you can also claim a huge saving on your laser treatment through our Buy One Get One Free Offer. It’s simple. Book a laser treatment for any area of your body and we’ll treat another area for free! But be quick, we can only afford to hand out a limited number of these each month and they’re already being snapped up fast!


Your Questions Answered

Is laser hair removal permanent?

No hair removal treatment can claim to be 100% permanent, as there are many contributing factors to hair growth such as hormones, medications, age, gender, heritage and so on. That said, laser treatment has been shown to be highly effective and lasts much longer than short term measure such as shaving and waxing.

How many treatments will I need?

We recommend a minimum course of 10 to 12 treatments for long lasting hair removal, but many people will see immediate results after just one or two sessions.

What is the cost?

Treatments start from $9 per treatment, and the prices vary from there based on what area of the body is being treated. You’ll find that for laser hair removal, our prices compare to waxing, and considering how much more effective it is at reducing hair growth, you’d certainly be saving money over the long run. Remember, you get a 25% discount when purchasing treatments in a package, and we’ll also beat any competitor’s price by 10%.

Is it painful?

Absolutely not. There’s a common misconception that laser treatments are painful. And while that may have been true with very early models or with treatments such as tattoo removal, advancements in technology and inbuilt cooling systems means laser hair removal treatments are very comfortable.

Is it safe?

Absolutely, any side effects are very minor or non-existent, as long as your treatment is being done by qualified, skilled technicians using proper equipment and you follow any pre and post procedure instructions such as avoiding the sun. It’s also why we only use the latest, state of the art lasers and all our staff receive the highest levels of training and must hold licenses with Queensland radiation health. In short, you can rest assured that our treatments are safe and effective.
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We Offer the Best Laser Hair Treatment in Brisbane

Laser has become the go-to hair removal treatment for men and women in Brisbane that want a more long-term solution to getting rid of irritating body hair.

If you’re looking for the most affordable and professional laser hair treatment Brisbane has to offer, you won’t find a better service than what we offer here at Hollywood Skin.

Why laser hair removal treatment has become so popular?

  • Laser can be used to effectively reduce unwanted hair permanently on all areas of the body including smaller areas such as the upper lip and much larger areas including the back and legs.
  • The treatment comes with minimal risk and patients are guaranteed long-lasting results when a trained and qualified laser specialist carries it out.
  • It is much less painful and much more affordable (in the long-term) when compared with traditional hair removal methods including waxing and threading.
  • Sessions are quick and the treatment is non-invasive.
  • The results of this treatment are so effective that it has given millions of people that struggle with excessive hair growth their confidence back. It can be life changing for many.

Looking for Laser Treatment for Hair Removal?

If you’re thinking of getting laser treatment for hair removal in Brisbane, our skin care specialists here at Hollywood Skin are best placed to make sure your experience is the best it can be.

Choose Hollywood Skin and;

  • You’ll benefit from our many years of industry experience and expertise.
  • Your treatment will be administered in a safe, relaxing and non-judgemental environment in our clinic.
  • Our team will assess your skin and devise a customised treatment plan to ensure your goals are met.
  • You can relax in the know that we use the best medical grade equipment to ensure safety and maximum effect.
  • We’ll not be happy until you’re happy so you can be sure that your skin will be glowing and hair free after your last session with us.
  • You’ll be guaranteed to get the best prices for laser hair removal in all of Brisbane (treatments start from just $9).

Contact the Brisbane Laser Hair Removal Specialists Today!

Please feel free to browse our site for more info on laser hair removal and what the process entails. If you have a specific question that you’d like answered or you’d like to book in for your consultation today, contact us now.

Smoother, silkier skin is just a click away so take that first step to banish that unwanted body hair from your life forever and you’ll never regret it.
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